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Greg Mathieson is as comfortable working in war zones as he is at the White House. For more than 30 years he has chronicled the epic lives of our heroic men and women in uniform, he has tracked the political stars and the movie stars in our national life as well as those who make the critical decisions on American policy.
Remarkably, this 11 year U.S. Army veteran's stellar reputation has allowed him to repeatedly cross the line working for hard news organizations as well as the Federal government with equal objectivity. From intimate portraits of the famous to the private lives of the powerful, rich and infamous, Mathieson is the "go-to guy" for hundreds of clients.
Few photographers working today have covered as many traumatic current events, political watersheds, cultural and historical milestones as Mathieson. Since establishing his agency, MAI Photo News Agency in 1981, Mathieson has been called on by such agencies as the U.S. Secret Service, FEMA, The US Justice Department and the military services to create images that capture the core values of those agencies in service to the American people. Indeed, one astounding statistic says it all about Mathieson's versatility: He has served 612 international and domestic news magazines, newspapers and other publications in 54 countries. He is the exclusive representative in the nation's capital for a number of international news agencies, which distributes his pictures around the globe.
And Mathieson is not only well known in the corridors of political power and the halls of the Pentagon. This veteran of the Vietnam era has used his deep knowledge of the American military during exploits from the jungles of Panama and Honduras, on two oceans, to the Korean DMZ and the wars in the Persian Gulf; Desert Storm and the invasion of Iraq. He is highly experienced on the front lines having spent 15 years going in an out of Iraq, for months a time, depicting the difficult struggle of the Kurdish and Iraqi people.
Those dangerous and hardship experiences reached a zenith when Greg Mathieson was selected as the videographer by NBC News to sneak into Iraq two months before the 2003 war as one of a five member covert team traveling across the snow covered mountains of Iran into the future war zone. His video has appeared on both NBC News and ABC News. In fact, Mathieson's company, MAI Productions, uses it contacts with defense companies to offer video and other television production services.
He is so trusted by his clients, many of whom are heads of state, corporate chieftains and government agencies that he is routinely privy to critical briefings; he is instantly a member of the team.
Greg Mathieson's work embodies the highest professional standards, be it documenting history during highly sensitive assignments both within and outside the theaters of national security or simple news related events or corporate functions.
We are sure that your viewing of his long and distinguished body of work on this web site will lead you to the realization that Greg Mathieson is in a class all his own.
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